With tomatoes on top…

Well, what did I say last week about underdogs? Boom – Ruby enters week two having picked herself up and dusted herself off (I imagine most of the bakers get quite floury) to produce a star-baker-winning loaf of bread that resembled a happy little peacock. If I could high five my telly without risking cracking the screen I would have. Go on, girl!

On the other hand, one of last week’s promising contestants decided to practically hand in her resignation in one of the most badly judged bakes the show had ever seen. Lucy’s tomato cob was bizarre because it was so plain; in an episode where we also saw a football-score-predicting octopus homage, you can’t get away with dumping some vine tomatoes on the top of your creation. You’d think with people walking around the tent repeatedly using the word ‘cephalopod’ you’d realise that there was something pretty unusual going on, and that you’d have to step up your game. It surprised nobody when she went. Even Sue seemed bemused by the simplicity of Lucy’s bake.

And what about Frances’ home scene? She had a cream boat in the style of a watering can! And she was watering cream onto her garden-plant-cakes! The 31-year-old clothing designer is surely a creative bake genius, but, unlike Lucy who needed to prove her flair, Frances will surely need to show her relaxed side at some point in the competition. Producing a homemade matchbox for her matchstick breadsticks didn’t help her image as a show-off either, but that hasn’t stopped me rooting for her. Quality is quality, after all.

My next prediction will be to watch Deborah. She seems like such a kind and lovely lady, but her face visibly plummets every time she receives a critical comment. Can she cope with stress or failure? Sure enough, the teaser for episode three shows her having a little moment and dejectedly saying ‘I can’t do this’. Drama! Go on Deborah – do a Ruby and come back fighting.

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