Historical prison food menu rivals modern day restaurants…

It’s rare that you can see anything related to prison life as being preferrable, especially when it comes to the maximum-security federal penitentiary that was Alcatraz. And yet, as part of the Alcatraz: Life on the Rock exhibit currently at San Francisco’s Hyatt Hotel, an old menu has shown that the inmates ate pretty well, even compared to modern standards.

Convicts could, for example, start the week with a three-course dinner of split pea soup, roast shoulder of pork with sage dressing, mashed potatoes, stewed corn and gravy, and a dessert of apple pie and coffee. They even got some nice iced cupcakes for supper on Friday.

It has been said that the prison served unusually high-quality food because the staff wanted to keep the inmates – who were some of the US’ most dangerous criminals – feeling well-fed and content so they’d be less inclined to start rioting.

Alongside the exhibition, the Hyatt’s Eclipse Restaurant is also putting on a limited-time set menu featuring dishes inspired by the historical bill of fare – all served on prison trays to make the experience even more authentic.

If you fancy cooking up a feast fit for an Alcatraz inmate, take a look at the menu below for inspiration (prison trays optional).

Dominic Stroud

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