Cornwall’s unique take on the ‘suspended coffee’ idea….

You’ve no doubt heard about the suspended coffee initiative that’s recently take off worldwide, where generous folk buy a ‘suspended’ hot drink to be kept aside for a person in need. Well, thanks to local group Cornish Karma, the big-hearted residents of Cornwall are taking the idea one step further by purchasing everything from pasties to zumba classes for a stranger.

The idea was dreamt up by a small group of local business people: Rory Jenkins from Embado in Perranporth; Helen Mulhern from Eventy Marketing & PR in Penryn; Jayne Gray from Castle Beach Café in Falmouth; Taor Morris from Leopard Print in Truro; and Rebecca Heane from Cream Cornwall in Falmouth.

Helen Mulhern explains:

‘Many of us saw suspended coffee on Facebook and wanted to embrace it in Cornwall. On sharing the idea with friends and family, it soon became clear that people here want to do more than coffees and help anyone that needs a lift, not just the homeless. The look on someone’s face when they find out that their coffee has been paid for is worth every penny, as many of them then join in with the idea of ‘paying it forward’ and buy a drink for the next customer.’

Some of the establishments already supporting the scheme in Cornwall include Castle Beach Café, Cavendish Coffee House and Café Mylor in Falmouth; The Beached Lamb Café in Newquay; Charlie’s café and deli in Tintagel; and The Watering Hole, The Seiners, Pavilion Boatshed Restaurant, Griff’s Grill and Perran Dairy in Perranporth.

Rebecca Heane points out that the only limit to the scheme is people’s imagination:

‘It could be a pasty, parking, or an ice cream – anything that a customer wants to purchase, in agreement with the establishment, can be held in ‘suspense’ for someone else.’

Castle Beach Café was the first establishment to support the scheme in Falmouth – owner Jane Gray explains how the scheme will benefit a wide range of people:

‘We are so excited at Castle Beach to be the first café in Falmouth to take on board the scheme. It is really rewarding to be part of this and help the Cornish community. We hope that people will be so generous that we will have suspended items left over at the end of the day, in which case we will donate the surplus using vouchers to Foodbank to distribute to anyone who needs them.’

If you would like to purchase a suspended item, please check for participating venues.
For further info, to post your support or spread good will, visit

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