Paramount has certainly given the term ‘high tea’ a whole new meaning…

Afternoon tea has (literally) reached new heights in one London establishment. Providing a post-lunch feast for the eyes as well as the appetite, Paramount’s top-floor restaurant affords diners spectacular, 360-degree vistas of the vibrant cityscape. For this unique experience, you’ll have to scale 32 storeys (we’d definitely recommend taking the lift) to reach the top level of the Centre Point building, one of the city’s first ever skyscrapers. Rest assured though; your efforts will be well rewarded.

Newly appointed head chef, Mark Kay, has crafted an afternoon-tea menu that’ll have you desperate to personally thank whoever came up with this delicious British custom. First, decide whether you’d like to quench your thirst with just the broad selection of teas and coffees (£28) or if you think the occasion calls for something of a fizzier nature (£42). Then, just sit back and get excited about the culinary treats to come. Included in both prices – besides a choice of nine different teas and coffees of course – is a slice of the chef’s quiche of the day and a selection of fresh, gourmet sandwiches. Smoked salmon and fromage blanc on rye pumpernickel, and free-range egg with grain mustard, mayonnaise and cress on toasted brioche are just two of the scrummy options. After all of this, you will be presented with scones, fresh from the oven and accompanied by clotted cream and homemade strawberry jam – well, by that point you’d surely expect no less.

A word of warning: Paramount’s high teas put you in serious danger of misplacing whole afternoons absorbed in good food, enthused conversation and views that you just can’t take your eyes off.

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