Skinner’s Brewery has a summertime treat up its sleeve…

The guys at Cornwall-based brewery Skinner’s clearly haven’t given up hope on our British summer this year; they’ve created a brand new ale specifically for the hottest season. Named after a popular surfing spot on the Cornish coastline, Skinners’ new special-edition ale, Lushingtons, was launched this month and is set to stick around until the end of August.

This seasonal speciality promises to be light and refreshing – just the thing for sipping outside in the hot summer sun (hope I haven’t jinxed anything there…). To create this fruity and zingy 4.2% AVB pale ale, the Skinner’s experts have combined Cornish barley with unusual hops from our stateside cousins, including one in particular which is actually making its UK debut – exciting stuff for beer buffs.

Throat feeling a tad dry all of a sudden? Well, for those wondering where they can get their hands on this thirst-quenching, British-brewed delight, the good news is that you don’t have to go all the way to Cornwall for it (although it is a pretty good excuse for a weekend by the sea). It will also be available in nearby Devon and thanks to national wholesalers and pub companies, hopefully it’ll be appearing in many other regions of the country, too.

Steve Skinner, chief executive and head taster (it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it), is rightfully rather chuffed about his new tipple, which was launched by his son, European surfing champion, Ben. Steve said “We are very excited to be the first brewery in the UK to use the hop Belma, having sourced it in the USA, alongside our Cornish barley. It has summer-fruity properties which will add to the unique flavour. Lushingtons will be a lovely summer ale, perfect for evenings after a day on the beach or surfing, as it will be a light and refreshing pale ale. I am very proud of Ben’s surfing achievements and naming one of our ales after a popular Cornish break is a nod to the outstanding surfing talent that we have in the county.”

Ben seems equally as pleased but, unlike his dad, perhaps more interested in sampling the goods rather than concentrating on what it’s made from:  “I can’t wait to try Lushingtons – the summer fruit properties sound great and I’m sure are going to be really popular. Skinner’s Brewery has been incredibly supportive of my competing and it’s great to see them call this unique new ale after a very unique surfing spot”.

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