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The App, it’s one of technology’s newest and finest offerings. Not only can we call, text and take photos on our phones, there’s now a million and one Apps for every eventuality. The ones we’re most concerned with (of course) are the food Apps. Gone are the days where you had to scroll through the Yellow Pages or trawl the internet for a good place to eat out: tap, tap – we can find it and book it on an App. Same applies to takeaways, recipes, chef’s tips and much more; it’s all there at the click of a mobile button.

We’ve rounded up five of the best Apps no foodie should be without. And we’ve thrown in three of the silliest, just for fun.

Top Five Brilliant Food Apps:

Food & Drink Restaurant Guide
A completely free App for both Android and iPhones, this App has access to all the reviewed and photographed restaurants in the Food & Drink Guides. This means that, wherever you are in the country, you can find a restaurant to suit and not only will it show all the contact and booking information, you can read the full review of each place and see what the restaurant looks like. It even connects to a location map – handy if you’re planning a trip further afield.

Another free App that hoards hundreds of recipes, making it really easy to plan your meals. Scroll through the categories, or type in key ingredients to find your desired recipe. A simple list of ingredients appears and step-by-step cooking instructions. Share the recipes with friends via Facebook and Twitter, or email it to your computer for printing out. I use this for when I don’t know what to have for tea – give your phone a quick shake and it’ll suggest a recipe.

Even if you’re not vegetarian or vegan, chances are you’ll know someone who is. This App works similarly to the restaurant finder above, except it will only search out vegetarian, vegan and vegetarian-friendly places to eat when you pop in a location. This way veggie lovers can roam freely across the country without worrying about researching places to eat, and if you’re planning a get-together to cater for all, it makes choosing a restaurant that much easier.

Cocktail Flow
If you’re having friends round for a special occasion, you might want to create some fantastic cocktails. We’re not all born mixologists but Cocktail Flow is a stalwart for getting you through a party, cocktail shaker in hand. Completely free from the App store, it will tell you what cocktails you can create from what you already have in your cupboard. It’s a veritable gold mine of cocktail recipes for every occasion – browse by base, type or even colour. Easy to use and pleasantly laid-out, it’s a pleasure to use and you’ll be toast of the party in no time.    

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what is really healthy when you’re in a large supermarket. How many times have you picked up something that’s listed as ‘low fat’ only to find it’s packed full of sugar instead? Clever marketing can lead you to buy ingredients or products that will lead off the straight and narrow if you’re one of the many watching your weight. Fooducate is an App that scans the packaging and rates it on how healthy it is. It’ll also provide alternatives to low-rating products as well as flagging up nasties like excessive sugar and harmful additives. This App was rated top Fitness and Health App of 2011. It’s currently taking America by storm, so fingers crossed for it to hop across the pond soon.

Three of the silly ones:

More Toast
This has to be one of the most ridiculous inventions you’ll see: virtual toast on your iPhone. With ‘limitless toppings and customisation’ for your 69p, it’s not just toast that is open to you – oh no –  there are bagels, waffles and even sundaes. Cited as ‘oddly compelling’, the More Toast App has a loyal following and there are many who admit to finding it highly addictive. Perhaps it’s the novelty sound effects (chomping sounds) or the fact that you can send virtual food to your friends – whatever it is, I think I would prefer a real piece of toast slathered with butter and jam. That, I would pay 69p for.

The Egg Boiler
I admit, it can be tricky to get your boiled egg to your desired liking. However, I would rather brave trial and error than brave this App. How many of us have a tiny measuring tape handy in the kitchen? Well, you’ll need one to begin by measuring the diameter of your egg. Know your global altitude? (me neither), but that’s step three, after gauging the temperature of your egg. Once you have all these elements, the ‘clever’ App will tell you how long to boil it for in order to achieve your perfect egg consistency. It sounds like something you would find in Gulliver’s Travels – I say, dig out a Delia cook book if you can’t boil an egg.

What’s in my Larder?
Now, I don’t know about you, but if I had to go through all my kitchen cupboards and detail everything that was there and in what quantities, I would know my cupboards pretty well by the end of it (that’s if I got to the end of quite such a tedious task). This is what you need to do for ‘What’s in my Larder’, in order for it then to log what you have, where it is and what products are running out. It’s a nice idea in theory, but I’d have to ask myself how many times I would remember to tap into to my phone when I’d used a teaspoon of mustard or a sprinkling of pepper. I also have quite a small kitchen so I would have to say I would rather just grab a quick glance before making a shopping list.

Emma Cullen

Emma Cullen

Emma is an ex-Fed Up & Drunker that has been released into the wild

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  1. Avatar Romy says:

    I bet someone made a packet from that More Toast silliness! Haha fairplay.

  2. Avatar Janey Cox says:

    Thanks for this – I’m helping to organise a bit of a do and that cocktail app will come in super handy!! Already have the schwarts one, it really good. Think I’ll try the restuarant finder one next..

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