A new curry compendium is set to hit the shelves as of 14th March – Atul’s Curries of the World, no less. You’ll recognise Michelin-starred chef Atul from the BBC’s Great British Menu – or as a regular on Saturday Kitchen. He was one of the first two Indian chefs to be awarded a Michelin star, and is known for his innovative, vibrant approach to his native cuisine, as well as his supreme skill with spices. Atul describes his new book as a culmination of all his experience cooking a dish loved the world over. Within its pages, he looks to Asia, Africa, the Americas, Europe and the UK for inspiration – as well as India, of course – and compares dishes from these different continents. With over 100 meat, fish and vegetarian recipes, ranging from mild to super spicy, this won’t be one of those cookery books that just sits pretty on the shelf and is sure to be a valued addition to any culinary library.

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3 Responses to Curries of the World

  1. Avatar Fat Panda says:

    I like curries.

  2. Avatar Rebecca says:

    This book has my name all over it – thanks for the recommendation! Curries are my favourite thing to cook, and I love trying them from all over Asia. Sri Lankan curries are my favourite and massively underrated (or just unknown) in the UK!

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