Could the Manchester skyline soon be aglow with Michelin-starlight?

Right this minute, deep in the city of Manchester in a (not so) secret location, a dedicated team with (Michelin) stars in their eyes are working hard to create Manchester’s most remarkable dining destination. Last year, Living Ventures restaurant group teamed up with Aiden Byrne, the youngest ever Michelin-starred chef, to hatch a gastronomic plan of ambitious proportions…

It may shock some of you out there to learn that Manchester, as one of the country’s largest, most exciting and culturally diverse cities, doesn’t have a single, solitary Michelin star to show for itself (cue raised eyebrows). It did have one – but it was lost somewhere in the Midland Hotel way back in the early ‘70s, and it seems the search and rescue team have long since given up hope of recovering it.

That’s not to say that Manchester’s dining out scene is lacking – far from it. Brimming with character and excitement, this northern gem has many a fantastic independent restaurant to be discovered on its busy streets – just perhaps not quite such a selection of fine-dining establishments as you might expect. So, is there a particular reason for this? The city contains a handful of universities within its borders (including the largest one in the country), and therefore has a colossal 73,000 students knocking about. Could this, along a wealth of well-established bars and down-to-earth diners, serve as a contributing factor to the shape of its current culinary scene? And with this in mind, does Manchester necessarily need to expand its collection of fine-dining eateries?

Well, Living Ventures certainly don’t think it could hurt. Almost 40 years after the last star faded in Manchester, this team have stepped off the train at Manchester Piccadilly with suitcases packed full of high hopes. They believe the sky’s the limit for their new fine-dining establishment The Restaurant and Lounge @ Manchester House, and plan to pluck the sparkliest star from its celestial spot. So Mancunians, be sure to watch out for a wonderfully unique dining experience this spring, all set to bring back that long-lost Michelin recognition to this great city – fingers crossed.

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