Food and Drink January 7, 2012
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Yorkshire - the home of superb cooking - Steve Smith

Yorkshire – the home of superb cooking, great diversity and an abundance of growers and producers. We have some of the best meat, fruit, veg and seafood right here on our doorstep and, even better, we have some of the best chefs in the UK, demonstrating real passion for cooking in kitchens across the county.
I have seen a dramatic shift in chefs’ philosophies over the past couple of years, with the importance of food provenance now at the forefront of fine dining. As head chef of The Burlington, I have taken huge strides towards integrating even more local suppliers onto the menus. I am fortunate to have access to an extensive kitchen garden that provides me with great seasonal vegetables, soft fruit and herbs, as well as meat and game from the Bolton Abbey Estate.
Yorkshire has always led the way in terms of offering plenty of variety when it comes to eating out, offering everything from fine-dining pubs (the first gastropub in the UK opened its doors in 1982 in Yorkshire), through ever-popular Italian and authentic Asian establishments to the greatest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in one region outside of London. But what makes a great meal out? The food, the wine, the service, the setting and, of course, the company all play a part; and it’s been quite clear over the last couple of years, as the recession has taken its toll, that if a restaurant doesn’t get the first four ingredients right the fifth won’t turn up. Nowadays, when you choose to dine out, it must be good. You want a delicious meal with excellent service, but I would suggest you also question whether the raw ingredients are locally sourced and ethically produced, whether the fish is sustainably harvested and whether the staff are well treated.
While we at The Burlington are obviously delighted with the kudos of being the most highly rated restaurant in Yorkshire, the most important thing to us will always be that our guests enjoy themselves. We work hard, constantly innovating and creating exciting new dishes for you to try, as well as creating a comfortable atmosphere with unimposing yet friendly service. If you haven’t visited us before, do put The Burlington on your list of places to visit; we very much look forward to looking after you.
We welcome you to explore the great choice of excellent restaurants we have here in Yorkshire.


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