Food and Drink June 6, 2012
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Sat Bains - East Midlands is chef paradise

My wife Amanda and I are both from the East Midlands – Amanda is from Nottingham and I hail from Derby – and we love it here, it’s our home.

When we set up Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms in 2002, our aim was to give people a warm and comfortable environment in which to relax. In 2003 we received our first Michelin star and recently we were awarded the ultimate five rosettes by the AA and ‘8 out of 10’ by the Which? Good Food 2011 which is just fantastic recognition for everyone on the team here.

The East Midlands is a chef’s paradise. The area is surrounded by woodland, which is great for seasonal mushrooms or foraging for herbs. The choice of local hams and game, the selection of acclaimed artisan produce and even the rapeseed oil we use in the kitchen are all produced locally. The variety of cheese and dairy alone is staggering – we have Cropwell Bishop, Colston Bassett and Lincolnshire Poacher on our doorstep, all of which are internationally acclaimed.

It makes me passionate about supporting our region and protecting the quality of our local producers. I feel the more knowledge we have about where our produce comes from and how it is farmed, the more we can affect the flavours of the dishes we create and keep the menu respectful of the region and its seasonal changes throughout the year.

With the tasting menus on offer, I hope to create a journey of taste, texture and temperature, so that diners have fun and enjoy dishes they couldn’t replicate at home and get a real sense of the area.

Amanda has managed to capture and create an environment that’s an extension of my philosophy towards my cuisine with both the interiors and gardens. We’ve only eight bedrooms, but each is individually designed and carefully allocated to each booking, to ensure our guests’ stay is perfect and all their needs are met.

I also strongly believe in the craft of cheffing as a career and work closely with New College Nottingham, with their Centre of Vocational Excellence and the Nottingham Academy of Hospitality and Catering.

This is a great time for British gastronomy overall. With my fellow chefs and suppliers I hope we can together ensure that the East Midlands is recognised, along with the other regions of the British Isles, for producing some of the best food in the world.


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