Food and Drink October 12, 2011
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Nathan cooking in Cornwall

Having spent the last 12 years cooking in Cornwall, I have seen the foodie scene explode. Across pubs, restaurants, farmers’ markets, artisan producers, wholesale farmers and traders, there is a real sense of pride of origin, and a focus on the quality of the food and drink on offer. The most exciting thing for me is that there are no signs of the progression slowing down.

Cornwall is more than ever becoming the source of some of the country’s best produce – seafood in particular. I believe we have the finest seafood in the country, if not the world, hence my great passion for serving it in both of my restaurants. Locals and visitors alike are able to experience this great produce right across Cornwall in restaurants that share my passion.

There is now much more of a demand from customers to get the best quality available, and Cornish producers have responded in fine form, constantly improving standards and quality. The outbreak of foodie events across the county is testament to the high level of interest stretching along the coast. Well worth a visit are the Royal Cornwall Show, the Cornwall Food and Drink Festival, Rock Oyster Festival, Falmouth Oyster Festival, Boscastle Festival, Padstow’s Christmas Fair, and the farmers’ markets in Truro and Lostwithiel. All these great events are committed to displaying the best Cornwall has to offer.

Cornish produce is a popular feature on menus up and down the British Isles now, with a great deal of respect and expectancy of quality attached. Camel Valley wines and Cornish Blue cheese winning gold awards on an international scale is proof that manufacturing standards and farming practices in Cornwall have improved dramatically over the last decade. Other great products being recognised, such as Davidstow Cheddar, Sharp’s Doom Bar beer, and the great range of cakes from Simply Cornish, are all proud to use Cornish produce, and consider it essential to delivering the desired final product.

I know from my experience of talking with chefs across the region that we have something special on our doorstep; and thanks to the continued increase in awareness, restaurants are displaying this in fine fare for all to see.

Take full advantage of the restaurant scene in Cornwall, and use this guide to help discover the great eating-out destinations across the county. Cornwall is one of the few places in the country where you can eat great local food from the beginning to the end of your meal, produced by people who are passionate about what you are eating. Don’t miss out.


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