Food and Drink November 21, 2008
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Restaurant opens with Big Bang

The Big Bang has come to Bristol in style – What promised to be a standard restaurant opening, on Friday night, ended up with queues along Whiteladies Road, as crowds struggled to get access to Bristol’s newest ethical restaurant.

The Big Bang is the brainchild of Ex-Royal Naval Officer Max Mason, who started the original restaurant in Oxford 3 years ago. The food is traditional British fayre done-well, centred around an array of sausages combined with as many flavours of mash. The ethics behind it though, are altogether another story, in that everything practicable is sourced from within a 20 mile radius of the restaurant, at 46 Whiteladies Road, in what was previously Hullaballoos.

It was going to be a quiet opening, leading up to the main opening the next week, but it ended up with way more people than expected, as the word got out from Oxford fans of the restaurant, on the Facebook website. As a result, the guest list swelled from a manageable 100, to a near ridiculous 500, all enjoying free sausages and mash, with a total of 50 free cases of champagne to wash it down.

Max says “The power of Information Technology is astounding, we were just fortunate to have enough food to feed everyone, although it meant pretty quick actions from the kitchen, who were preparing every scrap of fresh food we had on the premises”. It meant that there was hardly any food for the rest of the weekend, but it was a great party.

The restaurant is dedicated to further the cause of the recently abandoned, traditional British recipe book and of celebrating Great British Grub, through quality food at a commendable price.

The Big Bang
46 Whiteladies Road
Tel: 0117 923 9212


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