Food and Drink October 12, 2011
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Antony Worrall Thompson on Berkshire

I was delighted to be asked to write a few words for this guide, which showcases such a wide variety of wonderful restaurants in the area to suit all tastes.

My latest restaurant is situated in Berkshire and called Windsor Grill, which continues my passion for simple, honest, real food. Like all my restaurants Windsor Grill is not on a main high street but in a charming area of Windsor that’s full of interesting and creative businesses. Only the finest ingredients are used to create mouth-watering dishes; from hand-caught scallops from the west coast of Scotland, to my own home-bred Middle White pigs and even fresh fruit and vegetables from my farm near Henley-on-Thames. Our ingredients are as fresh, organic and as locally sourced as possible – this is real food for real people, served as simply as possible, as it should be.

Despite what the rest of the world thinks, we in the UK have some of the best food produce in the world. I’m proud to be British and where possible I enjoy buying locally-grown foods in season and forego the temptation of eating such foods as strawberries and asparagus all year round. I love the fact that you can now travel up and down the country to different farmers markets and find so many regional specialities; local produce for local people. This is how it used to be when travel hadn’t yet influenced us, and there’s now a strong movement encouraging us to look into our own backyard, to look at traceability, look at farm welfare, look after our own food. To me it’s so important for our health to eat seasonal foods, as you’re benefiting from the food picked at its best rather than food picked when it’s under ripe and shipped thousands of miles with little or no nutrients and very little flavour.

2007 was a busy year for me with my television series Daily Cooks and the seasonal spectacular Christmas Cooks, and 2008 looks set to be an even more fantastic year with my new show Daily Cooks Challenge; a new format so a new challenge for us all, which includes interviewing celebrities as we cook. I am looking forward to the Taste festivals around the UK and Ireland later on this year, and so far this year we have even spread our wings as far as Taste of Dubai, which was a great success.

I hope to be expanding my restaurant business and opening other new ventures in and around Berkshire in the coming few months so keep a look out; and I hope to see you soon in Windsor Grill enjoying the surroundings, the service and most importantly the food.


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